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Agienic's technology is protected by three issued US patents, one US patent which allowed claims, and six US applications and several corresponding PCT applications.

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Agienic is second to none when it comes to kiling bacteria. Tests performed by an independent microbiology laboratory have proven that Agienic's materials provide unmatched antimicrobial effectiveness and protection.

Formed by a team of former MIT researchers, Agienic brings together the best of material science, chemistry and biology to take antimicrobial coating, paints and ointments to the next level.


The novel technology developed by Agienic predominantely based on copper halide relates to antimicrobial materials that have great efficacy against a broad range of microbes, is lower in cost as compared with competing technologies such as silver-based materials, and can be delivered in a wide variety of forms.

Agienic’s materials are manufactured using a simple and reliable process which is environmentally friendly. Unlike many of its competitors, Agienic isn't made of any precious metal, and Agienic customers don't have to undergo any complex manufacturing setup, which makes of Agienic a solution that delivers a superior Return-On-Investment.


Agienic's revolutionary technology targets multiple fields of application such as in the paints & coatings as well as in the pharma & personal care industries.